Desertification is a major environmental problem in Tunisia threatening the living conditions of the poor, particularly in rural areas. The situation is aggravated by the effects of climate change, demographic pressure and inappropriate land and water management practices.

National Action Program to Combat Desertification

Tunisia was among the first countries to ratifiy the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification in 1994 and adopted its National Action Program to Combat Desertification (NAP) in 1998.

NAP priorirties in Tunsia include:

  1. Strengthening the knowledge/science base to better guide policy making processes;
  2. Establishing regional/sub-national committees to combat desertification;
  3. Enhancing local extension services to address rural development issues;
  4. Establishing a drought early warning system;
  5. Supporting decentralization efforts and local governance of natural resources;
  6. Integrating NAP priorities into national development frameworks.

Programme support

The Programme has been supporting national efforts towards UNCCD implementation and drylands development, specifically the projects below:


Soutien à l'élaboration de programmes d'action régionaux de lutte contre la désertification (PAR-LCD) dans 4 gouvernorats de la Tunisie


Appui à la mise en oeuvre des programmes d'action régionaux de lutte contre la désertification (PAR-LCD) dans le secteur d'El Brek, Gouvernorat de Kasserine


 Gouvernance locale de l'eau potable en milieu rural
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