Algeria - Support to NAP Alignment Workshop

27-28 July 2011


The Programme supported the Ministry of Agriculture, General Directorate of Forests (National Focal Point for the UNCCD) in the organization of a national « NAP Alignment » workshop on 27-28 July. The objectives of the workshop were to:

  1. Discuss/review NAP implementation with relevant stakeholders;
  2. Assess the degree of current NAP alignment with the UNCCD 10-Year Strategic Plan (2008-2018);
  3. Develop a workplan which will enable Algeria to implement the objectives of the UNCCD 10YSP;
  4. Identify the actions needed for the NAP to serve as a strategy document integrated within national investment strategies. The workshop was organized in collaboration with the Global Mechanism of the UNCCD.

During the workshop, the Ministry focused on the need to improve coordination between the different sectors and institutions for the implementation of integrated actions for the fight against desertification; it highlighted the existing coordination between the various actors intervening within the framework of the Strategy/Programme on rural renewal « Renouveau Rural »  and its ongoing integrated  rural development projects « projets de proximité de développement rural intégré (PPDRI) ». The Ministry stressed the importance of strengthening the above mentioned Programme and enhancing the participation of civil society in general to reach national coverage. It also stressed the importance of the integration of the NAP into the Rural Renewal Strategy/Programme via the PPDRI and the need to build institutional capacity for their implementation, monitoring and evaluation.

Participants included representatives of relevant Ministries, international organizations (UNDP, FAO and Global mechanisms), associations as well as relevant national and scientific institutions. During the workshop, they were divided into 4 working groups as follows:

  • Integration of NAP into sector policies;
  • Science and technology;
  • Human and financial resources;
  • Coordination.

They came up with a set of proposed measures for each of the topics to enhance NAP alignment with the UNCCD 10YSP and integration into national policy frameworks.

The Programme will pursue its support to the Ministry of Agriculture in the NAP alignment process based on needs and opportunities as well as the measures proposed by the workshop participants.


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