Territorial Approach: 
Impact of Climate Change – Case of the Resilient Oases


  Cancun, 8 December 2010


As the Programme evolves, considerable efforts are made to mobilize partners and resources for drylands development and integrate drylands issues into national and international development agendas. In this context, discussions were held with the national partners in Morocco on how best to channel Programme support on mainstreaming. After careful evaluation of options, it was agreed that this support will be channeled within the framework of the project "Sustainable Territorial Development of Southern Provinces". This project - implemented by "Agence du Sud" in collaboration with regional and local authorities - acts as a framework for regional/local development and a catalyst for investment. Following the discussion of priorities, it was agreed that the Programme will support project efforts to mobilize partners and resources to promote climate resilient development in the southern provinces, starting with the organization of a side event during the sixteenth Conference of the Parties to the UNFCC (Cancun, Mexico, Nov/Dec 2010). The side event was entitled "Advocacy and resource mobilization to alleviate the effects of climate change in the drylands". Its objective was to raise the profile of the drylands, and particularly the oasis ecosystem, in climate change negotiations and mobilize climate finance for development in these ecosystems. The side-event was held on Wednesday, 8 December 2010 with the following objectives:

  • To raise the awareness of the international community on the climate risks that are threatening the world oases
  • To advocate on the impact of climate change and the vulnerability of the oasis ecosystem
  • To create a lobbying network to protect the oases and their communities
  • To mobilize partnerships and resources for their development

The side event was presided by HE the Minister of Energy, Mines, water and Environment, Ms. Amina Benkhadra and was attended by about 60 participants. A documentary was presented on the effects of climate change in Morocco, its impacts on the oasis ecosystem - in terms of water, population, migration – as well as the efforts undertaken by Morocco in this respect at the national, regional and local levels. French and English versions of this documentary are published on this webpage along with the event presentations. The recommendations are summarized in the minutes of the event.

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